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Alo White has been a professional guide for 41 years. His extensive knowledge of Lake of the Woods and the inland Portage Lakes is priceless. Alo's fishing spots are not the common fishing holes everybody fishes; he knows where big walleye, northern pike, bass and muskies dwell at all times of the season. 

Alo's cousins Bobby, Tom, Murphy, Ken and Kevin guide as needed. They have been guides all of their lives and are fun to have as guides.

Alo was born on the lake. His late father guided as well as his uncles and relatives and thus he learned from the very best. He is a traditional Anishinaabe man who grew up helping and listening to his father and uncles talk about the history of Lake of the Woods, the Indigenous experience and knowledge of this special place. Back in the time of warfare with other tribes, there are many places on Lake of the Woods unknown to the outside world where big battles have taken place. Every island and bay has an Indigenous name and a history. Come listen, observe, and be taken back in time. 

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